Haunted zombie paintball hayride- you shoot live zombies!

That’s right, this is your chance to “open fire” and protect the town of Parma. These zombies are multiplying and it’s up to you to save our town.

Have you ever wanted to play paintball, but didn’t want to get shot? We have the solution... the zombies have the hunger and speed but only you have the weapons!

It’s Parma, New York. February 2018 and there's a chemical spill on the property causing far-reaching damage and devastation. The military calls in their special scientific unit to assess the damage and begin the cleanup phase. 2 months into the cleanup, military commanders receive an encrypted message from the lead scientist asking for help. There’s been an accident and many of the cleanup crew are missing. The military sends out special forces units to

assist and take control of the site...

Fast forward to September and zombies have overrun the military special forces. They have taken over the property and are planning another attack on the last survivors. You are the last hope. Join our “zombie containment task force” and save Parma!

You load up onto one of our zombie elimination vehicles and set out to find and destroy the zombies. Our special mounted paintball markers are loaded with the latest uv paintballs filled with our special pathogens and parasites that are the only thing that can destroy the diseased zombies before the infection spreads.

Humanity is counting on you! Shoot fast, shoot straight and don’t hesitate or you could become one of them.....

Our covered Military wagon's keep you dry, while you hunt live zombies and save our city!


The 4 zones that you will be going through are:

Glacier Ridge Dead Military Zone

Glacier Ridge Dead Spill Zone

Glacier Ridge Dead Wasteland Zone & Feeding Grounds

Glacier Ridge Dead Prison Zone


For additional information on facility, large groups or other inquires, contact Glacier Park Dead Zone through our contact page or get in touch by calling 585‐352‐5300.

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